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mac pro rack (2019)

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! We can replace the body and or keyboard on your laptop! Give us a call today!

Unfortantely we generally cannot replace or order just one or two keys.. when a key comes off a keyboard, the very fragile bracket that holds them in place breaks also and without these small parts in working order - we cannot replace just the key. We will however, replace the entire keyboard with a Brand New one! Give us a call today!


You should contact us immediately and visit one of our locations right away! Water damage is a serious problem and needs to be addressed AS SOON as it happens. Don't call us, get to the store now! 

No! It's almost ALWAYS cheaper to clean up, clean out, repair or upgrade your current Mac than to replace it entirely. Let's save the planet and your pockets first!

Absolutely! We LOVE old Macs as much as you do! The reason for this is because, Apple's older MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Pros are super upgradable - this means we can generally refresh the entire system, restore original operation/speed and save you some cash and the planet, so everyone wins right? 


Simply find the location closest to you, call or stop by anytime! No Appointment needed to see us!

Yes! We're able to perform same day repairs on most devices, such as iPhone, Samsung, and Pixels to name a few! Laptops, gaming consoles and other issues may require a few additional days to complete the repair. Call us today!

No, screen replacement has nothing to do with the device's data. We recommend you perform a backup of your data before stopping by for a repair. This is for your safety and security of knowing your data is safe. The unknown can always happen and it's worth mentioning that anything is possible and nothing is 100% right? 

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