Frequently Asked Questions


What type of iPhone Screen do you use for the repair?

We use a variety of replacement screen parts. Our parts are brand new and you get a selection of our Aftermarket Budget or Aftermarket Plus. Refurbished screens are available on order. Our small parts, such as charge ports, power button flex cables are original parts. All of our repairs come with a 90 day manufacture defect warranty besides the Aftermarket Budget option. So if you have a issue, and it's not a result of physical or liquid damage, it will fall into our warranty claim and we will replace it!

The Back Glass on my device is broken, can you replace?

Yes! We can replace the back glass on any model device! Give us a call with your device details and we can provide a quote! 

When should I change the iPhone battery?

Your device will in most situations give you an alert if the battery is due for replacement. However, older devices do not always have such features and will just keep operating until the battery expands and pushes your display/back glass off, goes into a bootloop or turns off at random times. Give us a call today if you feel like your battery needs to be replaced!


My laptops keyboard/body is broken, can you fix that?

Yes! We can replace the body and or keyboard on your laptop! Give us a call today!

My keyboard is fine; just a few keys are not working. Can you replace only keys?

Unfortantely we generally cannot replace or order just one or two keys.. when a key comes off a keyboard, the very fragile bracket that holds them in place breaks also and without these small parts in working order - we cannot replace just the key. We will however, replace the entire keyboard with a Brand New one! Give us a call today!


Do you replace iPad glass?

Yes! Depending on your model of iPad, will depend on the repair cost and process. Apple uses two types of displays in the iPads. The first one is Glass on LCD and what this means is the Glass and LCD are two different parts and each can be replaced independently. The second display is what we call a "Laminated" display and this means the Glass and LCD are glued together and are not easily replaceable and require the entire Glass/LCD be replaced to return normal functionality.  


Some water has spilled on my laptop, but it's working well. Should I keep using it or consult an expert?

You should contact us immediately and visit one of our locations right away! Water damage is a serious problem and needs to be addressed AS SOON as it happens. Don't call us, get to the store now! 

My Mac is running very slowly. Should I replace it with a new one?

No! It's almost ALWAYS cheaper to clean up, clean out, repair or upgrade your current Mac than to replace it entirely. Let's save the planet and your pockets first!

I have an old Mac, but I don't want to replace it. Can you fix it?

Absolutely! We LOVE old Macs as much as you do! The reason for this is because, Apple's older MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Pros are super upgradable - this means we can generally refresh the entire system, restore original operation/speed and save you some cash and the planet, so everyone wins right? 

Apple Watch

Will fixing my Apple Watch give me Waterproof again?

Unfortunately when the original Apple Watch glass is cracked, the waterproofing seal is gone. We can replace the LCD assembly and reseal the watch but we cannot guarantee water rating, waterproof or water resistance after we perform a repair.   

Data Recovery

Once my data is recovered, where can I save it?

When we perform data recovery services - our price typically includes putting this data on another device of your choosing. You must purchase a storage or flash drive or bring one to put the data on if that's what you need.


What is the quality of the parts you use for mobile repair?

We use a mixture of parts for the repairs we perform. Generally the parts we use for our phone repairs are either high quality aftermarket or OEM refurbished parts. At the end of the day, most of our mobile and tablet repairs come with a 90 day manufacturer defect warranty.

Why are Samsung and other Android devices expensive to repair?

Samsung and many other phone manufactures have switched from LCD technology to OLED technology in the devices they produce - as a result this has increased the repair cost for everyone. Since the dawn of technology, when it's new " it's more expensive" - remember when LCD TV's were SUPER expensive? But now they're cheaper. Eventually OLED displays will be cheaper and the cost to fix them will be less.


How can I get a repair from you?

Simply find the location closest to you, call or stop by anytime! No Appointment needed to see us!

Can you repair my device today?

Yes! We're able to perform same day repairs on most devices, such as iPhone, Samsung, and Pixels to name a few! Laptops, gaming consoles and other issues may require a few additional days to complete the repair. Call us today!

Can replacing the screen of a laptop or phone affect user data?

No, screen replacement has nothing to do with the device's data. We recommend you perform a backup of your data before stopping by for a repair. This is for your safety and security of knowing your data is safe. The unknown can always happen and it's worth mentioning that anything is possible and nothing is 100% right? 

General 2

If liquid spills on my device, what should I do?
Get to one of our locations immediately. The longer your device is exposed to liquid damage, the more damage can occur. Fresh water, salt water, pool water or maybe you left your device on the bathroom counter - all of these situation can cause immediate damage.  Rice does not help with liquid damage, it might help dry it on the outside, the inside is a different story. 
What is Power Swift Mobile?

Power Swift Mobile is an independent, locally owned electronic repair shop. We provide repair services for iPhones, iPads, Samsungs, Motorolas, Google Pixels, MacBooks, Windows Laptops, Gaming Desktops and more! We also attempt water damage recovery. We provide buyback services for your old devices and also sell certified used devices. We also provide prepaid services and financing for phones too. 

Do I need an appointment?

Absolutely NOT! We understand that most of our customers have busy lives and having to schedule something as simple as a screen replacement is silly! Stop by today!

What are your business hours?

We are open Sun-Wed 11:30am-6:30pm, and Thurs-Sat 11:00am-7:00pm.

We are closed most major holidays, please refer to our Google maps page for most up to date hours. 

What forms of payment do you accept?
We happily accept the following methods of payment: Cash, Debt Card, ALL major Credit Cards, Apple pay.
Do offer a warranty on your services?

We offer a warranty on our services - please refer to our Warranty Section for a full understanding of the terms and condition we offer on the variety of services we perform for our customers.

How do I get in contact with you?
You can give us a call or text us at 443-567-7036 and select the location nearest to you or send us a email through our website and we will reach out as soon as possible! We look forward to see you soon!
Can I wait while my device is being repaired?

Yes! We have seating areas while we get your device fixed up!

How do I get information about the model of my device?

Apple iOS: Select Settings App > About > Model number is here

Android OS: Select Settings App > Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings menu > About/About Phone/Phone Info - here you will find the model number

I have a limited budget. Can you repair my device and I pay later?

We offer No Credit financing and offer this to customers if they're short on the total repair quote. Give us a call today for more details!

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